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Quality Chemical Laboratories (QCL) is well known for providing, along with analytical services, contract synthesis services to the pharmaceutical and related industries for more than a decade.  On a custom basis, we also have been providing a small-scale (milligram to multi-grams) synthesis of API’s, intermediates, impurities, drug metabolites, specialty chemicals and reference standards.  Now QCL offers a number of reference standards for APIs and their impurities, metabolites, degradation products and excipients.  We specialize in isolation, identification and synthesis of impurities found in stability testing of drugs.  In addition, QCL is a DEA licensed (Schedule II-V), FDA registered and c-GMP/GLP compliant facility.  All the reference standards offered by QCL are fully characterized using HPLC, LC-MS, 1H and 13C- NMR spectra, elemental analysis and other testing as requested by our clients. 

In addition to our continuously expanding list of reference standards mentioned here, we will be happy to work with our clients to synthesize any other reference standard required by them.  We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards while making every effort to reduce costs and lead-time.  We guarantee purity and consistency for all our reference standards.  Certificate of Analysis (COA) will be provided for every compound supplied. 

Committed to providing quality timely solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.
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